Thursday, August 25, 2016

8.25.2016. Outfit Prospecting.

So, rather than judge the appearance of clothing via a mirror like everyone else... I use my webcam. Mostly because when you look in a mirror your mind distorts the image so you may or may not get the most honest impression (at least my poor brain does!) I just think that webcam is more honest, and if you look alright in a dress within a grainy, cloudy, really awful quality photo then you know you probably look pretty good. ha. Or at least thats my thinking. Now onto what I'm actually here to post about: what should I wear?!

Outfit #1: Winsor Black Lace Maxi Dress [with a transparent lace panel from the knees down - so its technically a mini/max dress]

Outfit #2: Bebe black midi-dress [If I'm feeling in the Marilyn Monroe mood]

Outfit #3: Vivace beaded cocktail dress [Makes me feel a little Carrie Bradshaw plus Betty Draper because of the soft retro-pink color]

Outfit #4: Brandless black dress. Beaded on the top - tulle on the bottom - for the Audrey Hepburn vibe - modest, effortless, timeless. 

Well, there's your dose of a Cait Sara fashion show for today. Have a good Thursday y'all!

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