6.6.2016. OOTD

So, I found a t-shirt dress. 

If you know me, you know that I hate t-shirts. Yeah, I'll wear them but I've never felt ready to go run errands or meet a friend for lunch in one. Also, sexiness: unfortunate to say I've never met a t-shirt that made me feel especially sexy. Then I found this simple number looking absolutely dreadful on the hanger. 'Boring' I thought. But I tried it on. [Side note: Whenever you shop, always try it on! You cannot judge how clothing fits your body unless the garment is caressing that figure of yours.] It was a win in a couple of ways, 1. being that it was short in the front and longer in the back. I like how the shortness of it makes you feel like its a little more leg than your average ol' conservative working day. 2. It was a neutral color that will go with anything. 3. It has elbow-length sleeves, which gives a good coverage and yet cool enough for Texas summers. 

There you have it, find yourself one. Tips: make sure its in a neutral color for your wardrobe, and also concerning color, know your colors! I am a 'cool winter.' If you don't know what that is maybe I can answer questions on that by request or maybe I'll make a blog post about it. Basically, if you have no knowledge of color theory, do yourself a huge favor and get acquainted with your colors - stat!