9.29.2015. OOTD Revlon.

There are some instances in which I revolve an entire outfit around a pair of shoes or a great bag, but in this case, this outfit was merely chosen to match the glamourous level that Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain lives in. Any outfit is made glamourous with the right shade of lipstick. 

When the Just Bitten line just came out, being partial to Revlon products, I saw it and knew I’d like it. I didn’t even care which color I got! (The shade of my skin changes so much in the Texas sun that I don’t bother with specific color palettes for skin tones in regards to make-up). I don’t care what the color is I love this product unconditionally. It stays on in that matte, almost seemingly satisfying no-make-up looking kind of way - like you just sucked on a lollipop. I also took a nap in it, and as a violent sleeper, who rolls around and who sometimes ends up face down in my pillow, I woke up with the color still radiant. 

I am very picky and only go out of my way to buy the products that I know I will like. I don’t ever experiment with anything new unless my sixth sense kicks in. Its like a bit of being psychic mixed with intuition and every little while it hits me like a lightning bolt. I’ll get this feeling about people, whether they are destined to be in my life or not. All the way down to books, I can look at a cover and instantly know how its going to make me feel and if I want that energy. Strange but true. Yes, hi, my name is Caitlin, and in life I listen to ‘unexplainable’ feelings of lightning bolt proportions that guide my path. Maybe I should feel more empowered in this, like Pocahontas and her random breeze-riding handful of leaves, that ‘colorful wind.’ But I’m just happy it helped me pick out a lipstick and not just a useless $8 thats going to adorn my bathroom counter.