7.4.2015. 4th of July

The only good photo I captured during our little-town fireworks.
I liked it because it looked like the sun or a sunflower. 

Book Of The Week: (We have OOTDs (Outfit of the Day's) so why not BOTWs?) I made a personal goal to read a book a week. A book a week for me isn't that challenging. I will devour a book if its interesting. But my problem is when I fall in love with a book. When I fall in love with a book I'll read it until the binding falls apart. I like to slowly re-read my favorites, savoring the words. A recent addition to this arsenal of fictional portals is The Lost World. The Lost World is the only of the Jurassic Park Series that I devoured like a starving alley cat.

My Book of the Week is one of Dr. Mao's Longevity series 'Hundres of Ways To Live To Be 100'

I like his perspective on health because its gentle, not so extremist. He vibes with my personal health motto 'everything in moderation' so I really enjoy this. He also focuses on the quality of life rather than, like other health activists, overload you with a to-do list of changes you need to make to your life.