7.18.2015. OOTD: On The Beach

I made the heart charm necklace. 

Silk headband works too, but a silk head scarf works 10X better. 

P.S. I'm no professional photographer [obviously]. This entire blog is an experiment.
A necessary experiment. Everyone needs an outlet. 

What would you wear near the pool or beachside in 100 degrees? I always thought the tiniest bikini there is but in Texas the heat is too extreme for this Irish-blooded girl. I'd freckle in 10 minutes! I already have enough of those. I'm not the sort to just shed everything at the beach. Water is not my element. Also for us fair-skinned gals, its just too brutal on our skin to let it all hang out for hours on end - you get sunburn in places that inhibit your comfort in simply sitting on a chair. There are places aloe vera never need go. So if I'm spending a day at the beach or poolside, its with a hat, sunglasses, some sunscreen, pants [unless I decide to take a dip] and a silk scarf. 

Now - I'm from Ohio. I had to learn from a perfect stranger the wonders of a silk head scarf! I have naturally big hair. In the Texas humidity, my hair is alike to a lion mane. It will not be tamed. A girl was talking to me about wearing a silk scarf to keep your hair silky smooth and manageable. That is something I wish my mom had taught me! There's a whole book of information I wish my mom had taught me. I could write a whole blog called 'Things my Mom didn't teach me.' Her beauty mantra was to just let it happen. To allow everything to just be naturally be. She thought that if you didn't care about your hang-ups, then neither will anyone else. 

Well, for me, thats impossible. I was the last one ready for Church on Sunday. My dad yelling up the stairs: 'Hurry up, this isn't a beauty pageant!' As a teen, I was into fashion, make-up and clothes. I learned to cut my own hair. I pierced my own ears [to my parent's dismay]. I sewed my own clothes. I tripped and fell through the daunting maze of beauty products - trying to find answers on my own. For some reason, for a lot of my girlfriends, the behind-the-scenes of beauty is never talked about. It is a thing of mystery and women would sooner not talk about it so you will believe that those eyelash extensions are definitely real. We know they aren't. But we sure as hell appreciate the art and skill that went into that hott look of yours! If I could go back and save my 7th grade self from the shame of over-plucked eyebrows, I would in a second. No one should have to suffer fashion faux pas with the expansive access we now have to information. 

No one needs to waste time not looking and feeling their absolute best. I still suffer some floops every now and again. There are times where I wonder how I had the nerve to strut in those sweatpants in public like I'm on a catwalk. Where did that confidence come from?! Sometimes you just feel good regardless. But we all want to look our best and that comes with knowing how to do it. Those little tips and tricks that you only learn when you're in the bathroom with your mom or best friend, and they're putting the blow dryer to their eyelash curler. And that's my mantra.